Abstract Scoring Guidelines

Abstract submissions for the OPC National Conference are evaluated by a blind review according to the following criteria:

  • Quality of Content. Does the abstract demonstrate conciseness, coherence, clarity and focus of presentation?
  • Originality/Innovation. Does the abstract describe an innovative new technique to improve quality or advance the P&O profession? Does it have a theoretical orientation and/or practical application to the field?
  • Educational Value/Significance/Impact. Does it present important contributions to practice, research, theory or knowledge. Does it have broad appeal? Is it relevant to the conference theme?
  • Transferability. Can the work be easily transferred to other disciplines or of interest to allied professions? Is there range to the topic?

Factors Disqualifying a Submission:

  • The presentation promotes commercial interests
  • The proposal was not received by the appropriate deadline
  • The proposal was faxed or mailed

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