About the Pre-Conference

With the resounding success of the “Future of Orthotic and Prosthetic Profession” at the 2016 OPC National Conference, we are pleased to once again present a Pre-Conference session on Wednesday, August 8, 2018. This year the focus will be “The Business of Orthotics & Prosthetics”.

Through active presentations and panel discussions, delegates will gain valuable knowledge and skills on the business side of O&P within the health care system.

Focus on best practices for succession planning and exit strategies, building and expanding referral networks, and realities of business ownership.

Content would focus on:

  • Succession Planning and Exit Strategies
  • Grassroots Marketing & Building Referral Networks
  • Realities of Business Ownership
  • Purchasing/Buying Patterns
  • Records Management
  • Staff Leadership

You will not want to miss this workshop! Please note that separate registration for this event is required.

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